Guideline and Procedures for Setting Up the Lin Chamber of Commerce in Countries/China Provinces, Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing Municipalities and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Each Lin Chamber of Country and China Provinces has to be legally registered in their respective countries or China Provinces before it can be enrolled as a member to World Lin Chamber of Commerce (WLCC).

An official letter with the following detail to be sent to the Secretary General of World Lin Chamber of Commerce (WLCC HQ) with the details below via email at

You will need to provide the details as follows;

  1. At least 5 to 10 Lin Entrepreneurs or Clans to begin sourcing the Lin Entrepreneurs or Clans to form the Chamber
  2. Their respective Company names and positions
  3. Brief description of your respective company business (not more than 10 words)
  4. Company website if available
  5. Your email address and mobile number

World Lin Chamber of Commerce will conduct a presentation to your Lin Entrepreneurs or Clans if necessary

Setting up of Pro-Tem Committee and it comprises of at least 10 or more Lin Entrepreneurs or Clans with a Interim Council Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and their duties are as follows:-

  1. To source for 10 or 15 Founding Members for the Chamber
  2. The name of the Chamber
  3. Prepare constitution and for submission to the relevant authorities of the country/province etc. for approval

Official Appointment of the Chamber to be a Member of World Lin Chamber of Commerce

Appointment of Council Chairman and 32 or more as per approved constitution. The fiscal term for the Council Members is for 3 years but can be elected again, except the Council Chairman and Treasurer whose term shall be for one term of 3 years each.

Installation of the Governing Council Members

Recruitment of Membership

Opening Ceremony of the Chamber (1st Anniversary of the Chamber)


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