The objectives of the WLCC

  1. to improve, develop and promote the industry and commerce of members of the Lin clan;
  2. to promote business networking among the members of the Lin clan;
  3. to promote the spirit of solidarity and to contribute to the wellbeing of the members of the Lin Clan;
  4. to enhance the usage of technology among members of the Lin clan in the field of information and communication applications;
  5. to assist in the development of international trade for members of the Lin clan and to identify business opportunities;
  6. to deal with matters in respect of industry and commercial consultation, examination and certification;
  7. to brief and advise on matters concerning the trade and industry of members of the Lin clan;
  8. to arbitrate and settle industrial and commercial disputes among members (as distinct from employer and employee relations);
  9. to conduct surveys, researches as well as to produce reports and publications on such matters as may be required to give effect to any other object;
  10. to organize exhibitions, conduct industrial and commercial training courses and promote culture and education;
  11. to convene business conferences and organize overseas missions so as to promote trade, economic cooperation and goodwill, and strengthen business contacts; and
  12. to do such other things as may be necessary or conducive for the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


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