Main Factor of Success

  1. Being united and cohesive with full commitment as of ‘ONE BIGAN Heart’
  2. Maintain one Constitution for LIN associations in all countries
  3. Exercising rules and regulations fairly and with above board election procedures that are followed consistently
  4. Ensuring transparency, respect and equality in all dealings
  5. Council Members or Committee Members being able to contribute with no self-benefit or ego
  6. Maintaining one set of high and professional corporate standard to up keep WLCC and LIN image and branding
  7. Ensuring excellent co-operative relations and goodwill with all LIN associations worldwide
  8. Maintaining a long-term view with aggressive commitment for WLCC’s progressive development, finance and resources
  9. Adhering to professional human resources strategies, attract and develop the best personnel - people with the right skills and attitudes to secure the best professional services in promoting the objectives and growth of the WLCC and Global LIN Family
  10. Developing industry/trade information and intelligence for the WLCC to be the main source of data/information and unique venue to gain competitive insights to assist in promoting LIN industries and businesses


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