Messages for the World Lin Chamber of Commerce during the Inauguration Ceremony on 18 May 2014 by:

Minister to the Prime Minister office Lim Swee Say,
Minister of Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang,
Chairman of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd Lim Boon Heng,
World President Tan Sri Dato Lim Soon Peng,
Secretary General David Lim Heng Huat and
Council Chairman of Lin Chamber Of Commerce Singapore Lim Seng Hock

President, WLCC,

Council Chairman, Lin Chamber of Commerce Malaysia

The registration of the World LIN Chamber of Commerce (WLCC) is a classic story of passion, persistence and commitment of the founding members. We realized that some of the conditions required for registration in Singapore were in line with the objectives and purposes in the Constitution of the WLCC. As such, some seven to eight months later and with the effort of our Pro Tem Committee, Mr Lim Seng Hock and Mr David Lim Heng Huat of Singapore, we most gladly received approval from the Registry of Societies of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore, on 9 May 2012. And the work of setting up the WLCC began with great enthusiasm.

It is hoped that every one of you would give a wide range of recommendations to develop this organization to help bond our LIN members in various countries and support the growth of the WLCC’s full commercial potential. The WLCC is an international platform. Its purpose, therefore is unlike clan-based friendship, and is more on commercial exchanges, along with sharing and spreading of goodwill among LIN members. I believe that the WLCC will bring our members many business opportunities and enhance their prospects for prosperity.

I call on youths and women to use this world platform to build business foundations to improve their standard of living and at the same time take pride in their LIN heritage. It is my wish also that they would support the WLCC conference, develop the WLCC into a strong body, grow the success of their respective clan organizations, continue to flourish in industry, trade and business, and contribute to their community to benefit our respective clans and keep the LIN heritage very much “alive” and relevant.

Therefore, I seek all LIN Chambers of Commerce, in each country, to join as WLCC members. Eventually we would organize a grand Installation, Opening Ceremony and 1st Council Meeting in Singapore. We would invite a high level official of Singapore and other countries for these Ceremonies. We also look forward to welcoming China to be a member of the WLCC. As China is becoming increasingly economically powerful and also the motherland of all Chinese in the world, this would boost the efforts of the world’s 80 million LIN descendants/clansmen in conducting further business and cooperating with each other to promote the ideals, objectives and aspirations of the worldwide LIN descendants and their heritage, to reach new heights.

Minister, Prime Minister Office

The formation of the World Lin Chamber of Commerce (WLCC) is a major milestone. Singapore is proud to host the inaugural global and official meeting of the WLCC.

Coming together for the first time are business leaders and professionals from the global Lin fraternity. While sharing the same surname, you bring much richness of the international community under one chamber.

With our multi-cultural diversity, Singapore is a gateway to Asia serving as a bridge between the East and the West. Likewise, I believe the WLCC will help bring together ethnic Chinese with the surname ‘林’ from all over the world, contributing to the development of economies and societies across the globe.

As members of the WLCC confer together, the goal is to create a platform where all differences are respected and all members are active participants in a high-performing network. We each have our own national culture that makes our respective heritage unique. We each have our own individual qualities and characteristics that make us special. Thus, by coming together today, all of us have much to share with each other and contribute to the common good of the world we live in.

I hope the WLCC Conference would grow into a powerful platform whereby everyone will learn from one another and add to the development of the worldwide ‘林’ organisations. I hope the WLCC will grow from strength to strength into a well-established international body with vast knowledge, expertise and capabilities for the advancement of the world.

Minister for Trade & Industry

With the rapid advancement of information technology and evolution of different types of communication tools as well as the continued improvement in the efficiencies of transportation networks, the world seems smaller and the distance between people has shrunk. It is now a lot more convenient for people around the world to meet and get together.

Singapore is a regional hub, with its world-class infrastructure and a safe and secure environment. Singapore had frequently been chosen as the venue for global meetings and conventions. I am happy that the inaugural ceremony of the World Lin Chamber of Commerce and Malaysia Lim Chamber of Commerce is being held in Singapore. I sincerely hope that these events will succeed and pave the way for future developments.

Unlike other clan associations, the objective of the World Lin Chamber of Commerce is not just to facilitate clanship and networking but also to provide an international platform for members to explore potential business opportunities. It is indeed a great idea to promote clanship and at the same time allow fellow clan members to work together to create commercial ventures. I wish you success in doing so.

In terms of leadership succession planning, you may share the same concern as other community leaders on the lack of continuity. One way is to mobilise young members and women members to utilise the platform provided by World Lin Chamber of Commerce to exploit commercial opportunities and build up the financial foundations for a better life. With financial security, members will be in a better position to contribute wholeheartedly to the Chamber of Commerce and contribute further to the community. This is another good idea which hopefully can be put to implementation.

As a new organisation, you have a long journey ahead with many meaningful tasks to be fulfilled. Apart from building good rapport with your fellow members and creating a successful business platform, I hope you can lend a helping hand to the less fortunate group in the general community from time to time. Also, I hope members can spare time to organize some cultural and educational activities to help promote good social values.

I look forward to the healthy progress of the World Lin Chamber of Commerce, and anticipate your contributions to the community. Wishing you all the very best!

Chairman, Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited

The world economy has progressively become more and more integrated. Most countries are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO promotes freer flow of goods and services among countries. Many countries have also negotiated bilateral trade agreements and regional free trade agreements. Free trade means greater competition, but more opportunities for businesses.

As the competition is keener, businessmen have to learn to be more resilient. One way is to develop large networks of business contacts. It is through such networks that they come to know of opportunities. These networks also enable them to forge alliances to exploit these opportunities.

Traditionally the Chinese have depended on family networks. So it makes sense for the Lin clan to form a business network. I congratulate the organizers for setting up the World Lin Chamber of Commerce.

By working with one another, the Lins will be a stronger force in the world of commerce.

Secretary General, World Lin Chamber of Commerce

Organising Chairman, WLCC Inauguration Ceremony

I am very honoured to be appointed the Organising Chairman for this Inauguration Ceremony. This is indeed a very challenging task and I believe by practising ONE BIGAN HEART encompassing virtues like integrity, loyalty, equality, respect and unity we can unite all Lin entreprenurs and clans worldwide.

We are all one big Lin family and let us work together as a team and advance forward to achieve our vision for WLCC.

The vision to unite the ethnic Chinese with the Lin surname from all over the world and to galvanize their loyalty to the Lin’s very first ancestor by the name of Bigan who existed 3,000 years ago, and to encourage the development of industry, commerce and economic prosperity as well as cultural and educational activities and community services of members of the various LIN Clans around the world, gave birth to the World Lin Chamber of Commerce (WLCC).

Indeed WLCC is the only Chamber in the world that proudly adopts the surname of Lin as the basis of its existence. This vision became a reality only because a few wise men from the LIN family had gathered together on 1st May 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to plant the seed of life by initiating the process of registering WLCC in Singapore for all the Lin Chambers from all over the world.

I sincerly seek your indulgence in the event of any shortcoming during your stay here and we thank you once again for the privilege of hosting this event.

Council Chairman of Lin Chamber Of Commerce Singapore

On behalf of WLCC President Tan Sri Dato Lim Soon Peng and WLCC Singapore, I would like to report the following to all.

I am very happy that WLCC got the approval from the Singapore government and was finally registered on 9th May 2012. The HQ of WLCC is situated in Singapore and is the only one of its kind here.

Today, we have created a fresh page in history, we set up the world’s first international Chamber of Commerce based on the LIN surname, in Singapore. A Chamber that will represent the 75million of LIN desendants around the world. Our Chamber standards must be comparable with other global chambers of commerce. That is why our Council Members must be selected from industries, relevant expertise or respectable clanmen who are dedicated and can contribute selflessly.

I sincerely hope that all clanmen can give us his/her opinions, to make the Chamber better to benefit all our clanmen around the world and at the same time play a part in its commercial potential. WLCC is an international platform. It’s motive is unlike that of clan groups which are based on kinship. The WLCC is based more on commercial interaction. I believe that WLCC will give clanmen plenty of commercial opportunities.

With the WLCC platform, clanmen can carry out commercial exchanges with each other, and expand his/her business. We hope that clanmen can put this platform to good use to make WLCC meet one of its purposes which is the planning and development of China, Weihui Bigan Temple. Since we have the trust of Bigan Temple, we should use this opportunity to progress forward. I ask all countries to join us and set up the respective Chambers in their countries.

Furthermore, I call upon China to be actively involved as China is becoming stronger in the world and also the motherland of all chinese, thereby strengthening the worldwide 75 million LIN clanmen to create commercial opportunities. Cooperate together to reach new heights.

I am very happy that all of us can gather together to celebrate Grand Ancestor Bigan 3105 anniversary and also very thankful to Weihui Bigan Anniversary organising committee, a great committee to organise this Anniversary to enable LIN clanmen from all around the world to gather. I feel very honored and am glad to express my heartfelt blessing.

I wish all family well, good fortune and good health.


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