Key Aspects Of The WLCC HQ Constitution

Key Aspects:

Agreed upon for WLCC (HQ) Constitution and Approved by the Registrar of Society, Singapore:

  1. To appoint 1 Founding Member in each country
  2. No restriction on foreigners being elected as President, Vice Presidents or Council Members
  3. The Governing Council can have 100% foreigners except for the Treasurer who must be a Singaporean/Permanent Resident
  4. The Council Chairman of respective Country LIN Chambers shall also be the Executive Vice President of WLCC
  5. Each country to nominate:
    • 1 Executive Vice President for WLCC & 6 Executive Council Members
    • China entitled to : 2 Executive Vice Presidents & 12 Council Members
  6. The President shall serve a fisical term of 3 years (with max of 2 terms of 6 years)
  7. The World President position shall be strictly by election and on a rotational basis among all member countries
  8. Election procedures shall be standardized for all Country Chambers
  9. Entitlement to vote for WLCC: Comprises the Governing Council - World President, Executive Vice President of each country, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Executive Council Members from respective countries.
  10. Governing Council of WLCC - President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Executive Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and 40 Executive Council Members from respective countries.


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